Mayo Site Security

Burly Bob is the only security you’ll ever need. You see, if you combined a mountain, Fort Knox and a giant cuddly teddy bear you would get the force that is Burly Bob. You will have the safest festival……. ( I don’t know he just walked away mid sentence)" - Mayo

Mayofest has always fostered a welcoming and safe environment for all its guests. For this reason, we have volunteer bouncers identified by yellow Mayofest Staff shirts. If a situation gets tense, someone/something is making you feel uncomfortable, or if you have any other concerns, Please report it to these people. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for any violence, sexual harassment or otherwise intimidating behaviour. We reserve the right to eject and ban anyone who violates this policy.

Anyone in a yellow shirt can also direct you to the nearest medic (Red Staff shirt) or first aid kit. Please alert them or any other organizer if someone is hurt. 

Mayofest is an amazing party with amazing people and we want to keep it that way. We are very serious about maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. If you see something, or have any concern whatsoever, Please Please Please speak up and let one of the our staff know.