Some things to consider:

-Once you turn off of RTE 315 onto French rd, the road becomes very bumpy and unkind! Take it very slow. If you have a lowered vehicle, we suggest carpooling.
-From the round about, take the Mayo exit and you will find Depanneur 315 about a km and a half from there. This is the last store before you head to the Mayofest site. From here, French rd is about 15 minutes.

-You will lose cell service around the church at the sharp left turn. so make sure you download your map to use offline!

- No cars are permitted to drive up to the main site during the festival. Please park in the designated parking areas. You can’t miss them.

Drive down French Road until you get to event site.

-Keep right at every fork until you see a sign saying "Slow your Ass Down".

-...Slow your ass's a little bumpy here.

-You'll find the first of 2 parking lots down the hill. For large events you may be met by our parking lot volunteers who will help you with parking as well as unloading your stuff. You may also be directed to drive to the second parking lot. 

-You will be picked up by our Mayofest transport, that will take you and your gear from the parking area to the site.

You're here! Now what?

Check in at the Tuck Shop to get your Mayofest bracelet and get all the important info for the weekend. If you haven't pre-registered online or bought your entrance the Tuck Shop is where you register and pay for your admission. You can also get your Mayobucks there. 

If you’re just coming to camp and check out the site on a non event weekend, park in parking lot #2 and walk up to the main site. Someone there will have answers for any questions you may have.

Google maps link to French rd is provided here